Reading Instruction

Teachers want to provide literacy instruction that will lead to high rates of achievement for all children. As we pursue this goal, we must be mindful of the critical lesson provided by investigations of the past and of the present: There is no single instructional program or method that is effective in teaching all children to read. Rather, successful efforts to improve reading achievement emphasize identification and implementation of evidence-based practices that promote high rates of achievement when used in classrooms by teachers with diverse instructional styles with children who have diverse instructional needs and interests (Bond & Dykstra, 1967/1997; National Clearinghouse for Comprehensive School Reform, 2001).

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Kinder Assessment the easy way…

Everyone is looking for an appropriate assessment that can show growth in kinder. Have you taken a look at BugbrainED’s Kindergarten Assessment? We use this as a pre-assessment for all entering kindergarteners and for their exit score.
It includes these sections:
• Oral/Phonemic Awareness
• Concepts About Print
• Alphabet Knowledge
• High Frequency Words

The top of most slides will show “TEACHER ONLY” meaning this is a page meant for the teacher to record the student’s answers. Some slides will say “Teacher & Student”. In this case follow the directions. Scores will be automatically computed as you answer and record scores.
In the ABC Knowledge section, scores are collected on each upper case and lower case letter recognized. We use this several times during the year to keep track of the progress our at-risk students. We simply hand the iPad to a Title I aide and she does the assessment one-on-one with a student. They in turn share the scores with the teacher. This section is pretty fast and could be done by the teacher during center time as well.

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Are APPS Research Based Interventions?


Every teacher wants to reach every student, but with bulging class sizes, more emphasis on a Three Tiered Model, and research based interventions, teachers can feel a little “stretched”.   How can teachers use technology to help them fill this demand? BugbrainED Apps are research based interventions that fill the important aspects of appropriate and effective intervention.

One meta-analysis (Burns, 2008) showed these important intervention concepts:

Interventions should be highly targeted,  provide an appropriate level of challenge for the individual student, explicitly teaches a specific skill,  allows many opportunities to respond, and  provides immediate corrective feedback for an individual student.


Burns, M. K., & Gibbons, K. (2008). Response to intervention implementation in elementary and secondary schools: Procedures to assure scientific-based practices. New York: Routledge.

Burns, M. K., VanDerHeyden, A. M., & Boice, C. H. (2008). Best practices in delivery intensive academic interventions. In A. Thomas & J. Grimes (Eds.) Best practices in school psychology (5th ed.). Bethesda, MD: National Association of School Psychologists.

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common core

images-10 The Common Core
The Common Core was developed to have a shared vision for the nation in Language Arts and Mathematics. Forty-eight states have adopted the Common Core, thus formalizing the standards therein.
The nation now has a set of learning objectives that will prepare American students for the future.
We believe that educational applications, referred to as “Apps”, should be designed to support the Common Core Curriculum, thus impacting the United States dramatically and universally throughout the world. High quality education should be available to all.

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Read at Grade Level

images-2In an effort to help children read at grade-level, BugbrainED will show (using the technology of today, especially tablets) dramatic growth.
• BugbrainED’s educational apps will be assistive to the learning of children, adolescents and struggling readers.
• Apps will benefit students and instructors by supplying the expertise and additional individual time needed.
• Parents and caregivers can use apps as well, since they can be utilized within or outside the classroom.
• Benefits to children include higher engagement, motivation, and higher test scores.

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8 Great Word Patterns App images-12is truly unique-and copyrighted! Through my years of working with struggling readers, I have noticed “holes” in their phonics learning that have led to poor fluency, appropriate word attack and comprehension. These students are so unique that they typically need to be worked with individually. The series of apps known as the 8 Great Word Patterns allows that: individual lessons and pacing. The diagnostic tool is free. After taking the diagnostic, the suggested level to start on will appear. We have made level 1 free as well so that you can see the type of routine students will do. Download the free apps today and try them with a struggling reader you know, but don’t forget to do individual reading as well ! That way they can immediately see the transfer of these patterns into real words in text.

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Reading specialists gone, gone, gone.

Here I go again, leaving a job I love as a reading specialist. Alas, I’ll be replaced with an aid they can pay $12.00 an hour.
It has been my experience that the number of specialists, coaches or experts in Math and Reading are decreasing. Budgets make it nearly impossible to afford such luxuries. Within the classroom curriculum, student time spent on Reading and Math must now compete with time for many other subjects. What if the knowledge of a highly skilled teacher or specialist was “cloned” for use by students all over the world? We believe we have done that in our BugbrainED apps.IMG_0344

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